Basic Dialogue for a Customer Order

On the Locations page, the customer chooses a nearby coffee shop – Emerald City Espresso, in Kirkland. The app navigates to the Orders page and is ready to help the customer order from Emerald City Espresso’s menu. From the Orders page, the chatbot initiates the dialogue as follows.

Chatbot: “welcome to Emerald City Espresso, what can I get started for you?”

Customer: “I’d like a decaf coffee with cream, and a bagel”.

Chatbot: “what size coffee do you want – we have tall, grande, venti?”

Customer: “grande”

Chatbot: “do you want sugar with your coffee?”

Customer: “yes”

Chatbot: “what type of bagel do you want? We have plain, toasted, with topping”

Customer: “toasted”

Chatbot: “can I get anything else for you”

Customer: “no”

Chatbot: “the total for your order is $7.24. “

Customer: “buy it now”

App:  at this point, if a payment method has been saved, that payment method is used to process payment for the order. If this is successful, an email that describes the order is sent to the service provider (coffee shop), and a confirmation email for the order is sent to the customer.

Orders Page

The customer has said “buy it now” and the order is being processed.

Orders Page

Payment completed successfully for the order.

Order History Page

The customer can view the order on the Order History page.